It's so much more than dancing

Welcome to the Soul Motion Institute! We, that is Doreen Tönjes and Edgar Spieker, look back on a long dance path. Always guided by a longing for depth of life, aliveness and creative connection with others. On our way many years ago we met the dance meditation practice "Soul Motion", which for us has become an invaluable, versatile and exciting space for personal growth through the dance.

After we passed this form of dance meditation on for many years in courses and workshops, Edgar was appointed in 2015 and Doreen in 2019 to lead the future Soul Motion teacher training and to accompany dancers on their way to becoming authorized teachers of this practice. We are now doing this together as part of the "Soul Motion Institute", and that's not just us two. Our trainer colleagues Michael Molin-Skelton and Winky Wheeler (USA) complete our team.

We look forward to the dance paths and doors, which we can help you find and open. If you are tempted to give dance and its power more space in your personal and professional life, you are very welcome! Because as Doreen says: "It's so much more than dancing!".