Soul Motion Foundations


The “Foundations” workshop is the basic workshop of the Soul Motion Institute. It is open to experienced soul motion veterans as well as anyone who is just starting their soul motion path. For 5 days we immerse ourselves in the architecture of Soul Motion. We experience and research the core elements and perspectives that characterize this form of dance meditation.

The four "landscapes" in Soul Motion serve as a map for our journey in motion: the Dance Intimate (alone), Dance Communion (two), Dance Community (with everyone), Dance Infinite (the all-one and the dance of the everyday life) . We practice the 360-degree view of dance and life around us (Orbit Orientation), create connection with others through somatic resonance (Echo Inspiration) and pausing in moments of alive and vibrating stillness (Pause Presence).

No prior knowledge is required. Participation in this workshop fulfills an entry requirement for the further Soul Motion Teacher Training Program.

Next dates:
7-11 January 2022 - Oldenburg
Doreen Tönjes

4-8 May 2022 - Gut Frohberg, near Dresden
Doreen Tönjes and Camilla Steen Larsen

November 30 - December 4, 2022 - Hof Oberlethe, Oldenburg
Doreen Tönjes and Edgar Spieker